buying a car you can afford to maintain and repair

buying a car you can afford to maintain and repair

3 Guidelines For Used Car Shopping

by Metje Van Engelenburg

In order to make the most of a used car purchase, you'll need to be armed with the best details and guidelines available. There are a few critical guidelines that are useful in this regard, so that you get the best automobile that your budget can afford you. Take these three golden rules for used car shopping outlined below, and use them as you look to find a wonderful deal. 

Guideline #1: Learn How Much You Want To Spend Before Car Hunting

A huge mistake that people make in their hunt for a used car is to grow attached to a deal before taking their finances into account. To avoid this, you should carve out a budget far ahead of time, so that you immediately weed out certain price ranges. As a rule of thumb, you should never spend any greater than 20 percent of the household income on anything car related. If purchasing this vehicle creates financial obligations that extend past than, in the form of a car note, vehicle insurance or total cost of ownership, you will need to scale your budget back accordingly. 

Guideline #2: Get The Car Inspected By A Third Party Auto Mechanic

When you need to be sure that you are not sinking money into a used car that has more problems than it is worth, hire a mechanic that you can trust. Have this mechanic inspect the core components of your vehicle, such a the transmission, engine, fluid systems and computer components. By doing this, you'll catch red flags before signing the title. Further, if the used car professional doesn't let you bring in your own trusted mechanic, spend your money elsewhere, with a car dealership that allows for greater transparency. 

Guideline #3: Check The Vehicle Safety Ratings

Most people know to check the Kelley Blue Book value to get the best price deal, but you'll also need to look into the safety rating of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. The safety rating refers to how well your car stands up to and protects life during a wreck. This is incredibly important if you will use this car frequently, especially if young kids will be riding with you. Always opt for vehicles with added safety features as well, so that your health and safety are always protected. 

With these three used car shopping guidelines, you will be able to find the best vehicle for your situation at a place like Car dealership in Peterborough.


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buying a car you can afford to maintain and repair

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